Historic Cottages

I can’t begin to express how much I have enjoyed meeting Cottage owners!! Everyone has been so open and gracious; it has made the rediscovery of this thread of my family a wondrous personal journey as well as a professional delight.

I know that we are all concerned about privacy and maintaining the enjoyment of your homes. I know from the experience of my own cottage projects that notoriety sometimes follows these tiny gems, so I am personally sensitive to your need for privacy. In everything that I do on this project, your addresses will not be disclosed and every effort will be made to safeguard your privacy. Where cottages do not have a given name I will work with owners to research and develop an appropriate name for the house, for purposes of use in the book.

Here, I include just a few snapshots of Moody Cottages, from among the almost 500 images I have taken. They are intentionally anonymous. Please know how much I have enjoyed seeing your homes and how much I look forward to crafting a story that will capture what it is that you feel about them…